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If there was a negative star rating that is what I would choose. We were told our kitchen would be completed in 2 weeks and it has been double the amount. Marty, the sales guy is only nice when giving quotes after that, you'll never hear from him. Keep in mind Marty was fully aware that I needed this kitchen done asap due to us having a 2 year old little boy and a newborn so I needed this completed before returning to work from leave.

Timeline of events:

7/30/12 order placed for cabinets. We hired our own installer who told MARTY that the layout Marty designed would not fit our sink center under our window due to a lazy susan in the corner that would be too large in the design. My installer suggested another idea which Marty didn't accept because he's had "40 years in the business".

8/1/12 - cabinets are supposed to arrive but didn't. 8/4/12-I was told cabinets would arrive at noon, I called at 12:20 cabinets were on the way. I called again at 3pm and the owner told me he "had to stop at Pollo Tropical to eat lunch" and was on his way. The owner, Jaime, arrives in her personal truck with some cabinets still in boxes. YES boxes! Some were built but other cabinets didn't even have door fronts nor were the rollouts installed in the pantry. I was never told our cabinets would arrive this way. Were they made in China then shipped?? After having our installer here all day Saturday waiting for cabinets, he had to help unload the truck. Jaime said he had to fire 2 people?? I told Marty we had to pay our installer $250 to sit around all day waiting for them - Jaime would not agree to discount that amount, walked right past me and left. Marty said he would take care of it.

8/5/12 - As kitchen is being installed, I asked Marty to come over because the sink would not end up centered, he said he was sick but would come over anyway. At 4pm I called him again, he said there was an accident and couldn't make it.

8/6/12 - Marty arrives says the sink will look fine and says the granite template guy will be out the next day.

8/7/12 - I called at 6pm left message - no template guy.

8/8/12 - I called at 11am Marty said he never got my message due to "accident" at the shop but someone would be here today to template. I called at 4:30pm and he said I misunderstood - someone would be out the next day.

8/17/12 - Granite arrives and cracks on delivery.

8/23/12 - I called Marty at 8pm asking for the granite since he has made no attempt to call me in almost 1 week. Says granite will arrive on 8/24.

8/24/12 - Granite arrives but since I didn't have enough notice that they were coming, our plumber is booked and now our sink, ice maker and dishwasher will be hooked up on Friday. *IMPORTANT* when granite installer asked for payment I asked to speak with Marty. Remember the $250 he said he would take of? He said my installer was not worth $250 and he would only take $100 off - very interesting since Marty hired a new installer and brought him over to our house to have him see the work OUR installer did. Marty was angry and agreed to the $250. Jaime then calls me to tell me he doesn't agree with having to reduce that amount. I hung up on him.

In between all of this, we had parts missing, panels that my husband had to pick up at the shop, etc. I will NEVER use this company again. You get what you pay for, lesson learned. By the way, the sink is offset from the center of the window by about 5 inches - extremely noticeable!!!

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Dunedin, Florida, United States #1274925

I feel sorry for this family, where is the contractors liscense board. This contracting kitchen design shop should be run out of business, probably already has.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1184613

Apparently Jamie is still out in the world terrorizing homeowners. Currently have many issues with cabinets being installed.

Tried overcharging, changing prices during install, has not even completed project and it's been three weeks. The guy definitely likes to argue with customers as well.

Tries to justify his actions but ends up proving himself wrong. Worst experience we have ever had.

Anniston, Alabama, United States #773305

We are dealing with our own problems and unfortunately ready to walk with an unfinished kitchen. Jamie lies like it's nothing.

And he told us Marty was fired because he screwed up the cabinet measurments, however I just heard him ask for Marty over the phone today.


to ***ED OFF #774100

It's unfortunate that a year and a half later, their service is just as bad if not worse!!

to Anonymous Milford, Connecticut, United States #777959

I'm still fixing their mistakes two years later. Don't use these tinkers

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